General Manager

Fidelia Oseghale

Office Administrator - HR

Ajibola Tunde

Contract Administrator

Temitope Omisore

Logistic Lead

Gbenga Fatunsin

Project Manager

Enitan Dexter

Business Development Lead

Shola Shotayo

Senior Project Manager

Shola Shotayo is Director of Project Support Services for WATT. He is responsible for execution and resources, and office services he is also responsible for engineering, procurement and construction project execution. Additionally, Shola has oversight of WATT’s health, safety and environmental as well as quality and continuous performance improvement functions. Shola has a bachelor of…

Ope Shotayo

Director Community Engagement

Folarin Oloyede ESQ

Company Secretary

Folarin Oloyede ESQ serves WATT Renewable Corporation as its Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer. His responsibilities include planning, directing and managing the company’s comprehensive compliance and ethics program, including its code of business conduct and ethics. He also has responsibilities relating to corporate governance matters, including acting as secretary of the company’s Board of…