Oluwole “Wole” Eweje is the founder of WATT Renewable Corporation. He leads WATT’s leadership team and guides WATTs strategic growth plan.  Wole created WATT from its inception as a Chief Operating Officer. In 2018, Wole became WATT’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Wole has over 17 years of commercial and technical experience in the energy sector including engineering design, environmental impact assessments, stakeholder relations, project management, regulatory approvals, construction and operations in Canada and internationally.

Prior to joining WATT, Wole held several leadership roles in sustainable energy, conventional energy and unconventional energy (oilsands) business in North America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Wole was responsible for overseeing WATT’s project portfolio in Canada and internationally, including over 20 MW either in development, under construction and in operation. Wole is a patent holder and a nominee for Canada Top 40 under 40.

Wole received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in his native country of Nigeria, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business from the University of Victoria, and a Master of Science in International Management Degree from the University of London. He also has a Diploma in Conflict Resolution from Harvard Business School. Wole is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.